Nike Chunky Dunky sneakers on a couch.
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Want It, Can’t Afford It: Nike x Ben & Jerrys “Chunky Dunky”

Have you ever wanted something that you know you can’t afford or shouldn’t buy? Something that no one really NEEDS, but you just really want it? Well, ever since they were released – that’s been my relationship with the Nike x Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Dunky”.

Please understand, these are NOT new shoes – they’ve been out for quite some time (May 2020, I believe). And with a typical price-tag at this point of $1,200 to $1,600 (and climbing in some circles, I’m sure) – they will forever be a fever dream in my semi-sneaker-headed mind.


There are a few funny things about my wanting these shoes…

First: I don’t eat Ben and Jerry’s. I know, right? Sinful (LOL). I’ve just never been that big on ice cream, but for a pair of these… I’d convert.

Second: I’ve literally never seen or touched a real pair of these shoes. I’m just a huge fan of the detail that went into these shoes.

Three: They aren’t my typical style. I’m a solid color — jeans, t-shirt, and classic kicks — kinda’ guy.


The shoes are just so friggin’ creative & a genuinely unique vibe. As with many great things – there are tons of imitators out there and people have had to learn how to look out for counterfeits.

Rather than bore you with a written description, check out this dude’s pretty thorough review.

His face – LOL!

Anyway, that wraps it up for me. I just wanted to share the good energy that is the Chunky Dunky.

Peace, and thanks for reading.



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