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Recent Reading Review: “Life is Good: The Book”

Pleasant Optimism Masked as a Business Book
Read It. This book is enjoyable from start-to-finish, and is now in my pile of "3 Books I Re-read Once a Year"! The simple life lessons and optimism conveyed in the book are infectious, really giving the reader a sense "Life is Good".
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I initially picked up a copy of Life is Good: The Book (Life is Good) because I had the pleasure of interviewing Bert Jacobs for my job’s annual all-employee meeting. While certain sections of America may know THE LIFE IS GOOD COMPANY t-shirt brand as a household name, some people may not.

I was first introduced to the brand back in 2013 at a prior job that had formed a partnership with their company.

Here’s an introduction to the entrepreneurial (and familial) duo who wrote the book:

Now, let’s jump into the review, shall we?


Brief Book Synopsis:

Part Life Story/Bio. Part Life Guide. Part Business Playbook.

Life is Good covers a lot of territory in its pages and does so while keeping a smile on the readers’ faces as it approaches Optimism not as a pie in the sky Hippy-concept, but a practical application to a Good Life.

Written by Bert and John Jacobs (the two brothers who co-founded the popular t-shirt and lifestyle brand THE LIFE IS GOOD COMPANY), this book sets out to make an argument that is Pro-Optimism. All the while equipping readers’ mindsets with enlighteningly-relatable views covering their 10 core company values (which they call Superpowers).

You may even literally laugh out loud every now and then as you read – I know I did. The brand’s mission is to “Spread the power of Optimism”, and this book attempts that in earnest.


Captivation Factor –

I finished this 266-page book in 2 days. I could’ve finished it in one, but I had plans (a blogger’s gotta’ live). I can ONLY read books that I thoroughly enjoy that quickly. Granted, this book has its fair share of photographs and illustrations, but on its own merit – the stories that were shared in the and the approach in writing style employed by the brothers just made things an honest to goodness joy to experience with each page.

I’m also a HUGE lover of Music (except for Country and Hawaiian music), and the brothers included a list of 10 songs in each chapter that embody the given theme of the chapter! Nice touch. I made a full Spotify playlist based on the tunes they listed in the book that I regularly listen to.


Originality of Concept –

The only reason the book was scored average here is that Lifestyle books come out all the time. As a pretty consistent-reader of Business and Self-Help category books, I see those types of books often.

Still, while the work is “dinged” here because of that fact – I strongly stand by this being a superior book in the category.

I have even gone as far as adding this one to my list of “3 Books I Re-read Once a Year” because I never want to forget the lessons learned from them and strive to internalize & live out the themes therein. The list rotates, and texts can be knocked out by books that I value more, do I consider it a big deal when a book lands in that short – but loved – stack.

Life is Good written in the sand on a beach.  Water is slowly coming in.

Memorability + Comprehension –

The stories about family, friends, and experiences shared in Life is Good are infectious! I found a ton of quotes that I love from this one. Small gems like…

Optimism can take you anywhere.” “[J]oy doesn’t come from your circumstances.  It comes from your disposition.” And, “I have a lot of setbacks, but I try to look at them as things that may ruin my hour, but not my day or my week.

…Are all easy to digest and live by, while more profound (yet still practical) pulls, like this quote below, lurk in the pages as well.

“When we are younger, everyone tells us we need more of everything.  More education, more clothes, more money, more stuff.  But as we get older, we all come to realize that the only thing we need more of is time.  Time to do the things we love, and time to be with the people we love.

Choose what you do with your time very carefully, and protect that time with your life, because it is your life.”

Life is Good: The Book – Bert and John Jacobs

Life is Good has all the classic meaningful hallmarks of a book that is both easy to understand yet invaluable to contemplate. I know this one probably went under a lot of radars, but I think it may be worth a look on based on its simple wisdom and the genuine wonder it conveys.


Life Application Factor –

I think the strength in this book is that it doesn’t ask too much of the reader, which is its secret sauce in being very applicable to your Life. Whether you’re thinking about your personal journey, your relationships, or your business – it doesn’t take a scholar to appreciate how this book tries to guide readers to approach their life.


“Change My Life” Factor –

Before I read this book, I honestly considered myself a Realist. I felt like I operated in the world as I saw it. The words in these pages have honestly changed the way I view myself and likely the energy I give off. I’m an Optimist. I know that now and I have the track record to prove it.

Maybe I just lacked the internal language, prior to reading this, to appropriately get that sense in myself.


Design & Layout –

I will let some images that I found online speak for the design of this one.

  • The front of the Life is Good Book on an empty white background.
  • The Life is Good Book open to a page showing the companies 10 core values a.k.a. Superpowers.
  • An open Life is Good Book showing a glass half-full graphic design.
  • The spine of the Life is Good Book on an empty white background.
  • An open Life is Good Book showing a tree graphic design.
  • The Life is Good Book open in front of a campfire with a page showing the word Gratitude in type face.
  • The back cover of the Life is Good Book on an empty white background.
  • An open Life is Good Book lying open on a hardwood floor.
  • An open Life is Good Book lying open on a tile floor.


If you made it this far, down – THANKS FOR READING!! Wow – I’m really impressed!

I’ll innocently assume that you’re interested in the book. If so, pick up a copy here directly from THE LIFE IS GOOD COMPANY. I assure you I get nothing for recommending this one to you and pointing you to their site (If I did, legally – I’m supposed to disclose that).

I just like the fact that if you buy through them, you know that 10% of the Net Profits are going to kids in need. Yet another nice touch.

That’s it! Go home, or read something else on this site (you know you want to)!

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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