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Timeless Wisdom: “The Man’s Guide To Love”

There are people who think the internet is garbage; full of meaningless banter and virtue-signaling that eats away at our lives. I disagree. When I think of sites like “The Man’s Guide To Love“, I can’t help but smile. Sure it’s old, and not updated anymore – but you can still find plenty of its content out there if you know where to look.


What is “The Man’s Guide To Love”?

The Man’s Guide To Love (“The MGL”) was a site from the 2010s dedicated to capturing brief videos of real men sharing their perspectives on various aspects of Love and matters of the heart. The site dripped with advice and life lessons, in daily bite-size snippets, for over 780 episodes.

I personally was a BIG consumer of this content, and they had a fairly huge following for a second. The site landed on the likes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Jezebel, New York Magazine, and a number of other news outlets back in the day.

And when you look at the talent involved in its creation, all of the fuss makes sense.


How did The MGL come into existence?

The MGL was co-founded by the likes of Big Mouth (yes, the Netflix show) co-creators (husband and wife filmmaker duo) Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett, plus documentary producer and editor Abe Forman-Greenwald – the videos originally had a very simple purpose: Experimentation in making something that the creators loved.

A screenshot of a website showing a bunch of men looking at the camera.  Pictures arranged in a grid.  The Man's Guide To Love is the website.

The MGL’s Homepage


Those are the words straight from the horse’s mouth on a (now canceled) Kickstarter page to create a crowd-funded movie about the experience of making the site and all of the lessons learned from the project.

“[W]e set out naively with three young guys to talk to men all around the world about love. We asked them for one piece of advice that they’d tell another man.


It turns out what we didn’t know about love was astounding.”

Mark Levin & Jennifer Flackett
(The MGL Kiskstarter Page)

It makes sense that something so simple in nature was so popular. The world needed that positive energy out there at the time, and in my opinion – still does to this day.

There are very few sites that I miss as deeply as I miss The MGL.


You can still see content out there!

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Even though the site isn’t being updated anymore, it still exists (check out the link in the first paragraph) for now. You can catch their videos on YouTube, and see EVEN MORE on the Tube’s less popular, but still moderately attractive, cousin Vimeo. Their Facebook page is still up, too!

I’m sure there are other Social Media tentacles out there, but I was just looking for the videos from this piece of “Classic Internet”. If you know of other stuff related to The MGL out there, feel free to post it down in the comment section.


Some well-liked videos…

I’ll leave you with some parting shots from the site’s content. I’m genuinely happy this stuff is still out there, and I hope it’s never taken down – but I know many good things are short-lived and nothing lasts forever.


Jason & Gary – 23 years-old.


Rick – 28 years-old.


Patrick – 40 years-old.


Alain – 72 years-old.


Peace, and thanks for reading.


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