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Ten Nerdy ’90s Shows That Succeed if Rebooted Now

I have been a Blerd (that’s a “Black Nerd”) my entire life. Pop Culture of all kinds guided my childhood! Anime, Skateboard Culture, Hiphop, Comics, Fantasy, Mythology, Sci-fi, etc – the list goes on. I can’t pinpoint an exact moment the lifestyle appealed to me, but it likely had something to do with some of these Nerdy TV shows I’m about to mention.

As a kid, I regularly watched every episode with EXTREME interest. If I couldn’t watch them at home, I’d beg to go over to a friend’s house who had access to the proper channel the desired nerd show nectar of the gods was on.


The Gist of This One…

The premise of this post is simple: I want to tell you about the synopsis of the original shows as I experienced them (either in words or via video). And then I’d like you to imagine “that”, but with 1) A modern creative spin by the writers, and 2) A more current production treatment – on 3) A reasonable budget.

A man sitting in front of a computer editing multimedia.

These shows looked (admittedly) cheesy-to-good in their day, but there’s an equalizer now: Digital Editing. SO MUCH is done w/ digitized special effects these days, and a lot of great indie projects have been created with nothing but a few programs, the right talent, and a great deal of passion.

Special Effects Artists working in their shop on a mask and prop.

And if it’s not a computer, practical effects have advanced a great deal as well. Make-up artists have come a LONG way!! Yes, people were always gifted in this particular craft, but now – with the right budget – that splendor is a lot more accessible. Have you seen Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes!!? I rest my case.

I list these shows with no order in mind (although I do save my personal favorite for last), and I understand that a lot of these have or had DIEHARD fans. Salute.

Let’s get to it.


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