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Ten Nerdy ’90s Shows That Succeed if Rebooted Now

Highlander: The Series (1992 – 1998)

We have arrived. My personal fanboy Nerd Show Birthday Wish (it’s not my birthday, though).

I want a reboot of Highlander more than Firefly (that’s saying something).

Duncan Macleod, of the Clan Macleod, was an immortal swordsman masterfully played by Adrian Paul (I always liked this version more than the movie version played by Christopher Lambert). He lived in a world, for literal centuries, where he had to play a deadly game of survival that could only have one winner. “There can be only one.”

This show pitted various sword styles and personalities (sometimes scheming) against one another in battles to the death that ended with decapitations. That was the rule. You had to cut your opponent’s head off in order to summon The Quickening (lighting from the sky that would strike your body). The Quickening gave you all of your dead opponent’s memories and skills. Potential lifetimes of knowledge are passed down to you in a matter of moments.

I LOVED THIS SHOW & I still do to this day.

As a fan, I would love to see this show rebooted with everything that today’s generation of creators has at their disposal. Imagine Duncan living through various periods with updated fight choreography and an all-star cast.

A cloaked and hooded warrior walking into a setting sun with their sword resting on their shoulder.

I can see it, and I’ve wanted it since this show ended when I was a kid back in 1998.

Each passing year brings on better technology and effects, and I just want to see them assigned to this masterful story of a lone warrior fighting all odds to survive in forced sword battles.

I would also love to see the lore explored (striking 2007’s Highlander: The Source film from the record) as well.

And if you need any proof that this show could stand properly if done correctly, look no further than the recent success of Charlize Theron’s recent popular Netflix outing, The Old Guard.

Hollywood (or Netflix)… PLEASE make this one happen.

(And give me a cameo as an extra while you’re at it.)


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