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Ten Nerdy ’90s Shows That Succeed if Rebooted Now

Night Man (1997 – 1999)

This one was a little silly, but it was also a show ahead of its time. From what I can recall, Night Man was a non-DC/Marvel comic hero (I think he was on Malibu Comics?) – who very randomly got the TV-treatment. His powers were based on him getting struck by lightning or something, and he played Jazz? JAZZ!

All “night stuff”. Very ’90s. Trying really hard not to be Batman.

The appeal of this Dark Knight-wannabe simply comes down to two things: 1) The current popularity of the superhero genre, and 2) the fact that people like original things sometimes. While this wasn’t popular enough to carry on back then, MOSTLY ALL SUPERHERO ATTEMPTS sucked in the 1990s (even the movies). Now – that’s not as big an issue. Just update it along with what I mentioned at the start of this post and you’d at least get a few interested parties so long as the story holds (they’ll want to tweak that).


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