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Ten Nerdy ’90s Shows That Succeed if Rebooted Now

Land of the Lost (1991 – 1992)

If the unforgivably terrible newer Jurassic Park movies can exist, then dammit – this show can get a second chance.

YES – it had a Will Ferell-led comedic movie adaptation in 2009, but I want a Sci-fi/Dinosaur/Time-travel show! I used to watch this as a kid and I just remember loving the theme song and just wanting so badly to be in this world.

This one had wonder and fantastical adventures as its potential strength back then, and Hollywood recognized that – which is why it for the aforementioned film. BUT – they did it wrong!

I actually kind of enjoyed the movie – but why waste the potential wonder of this show? It would be like making Doctor Who a children’s show again, only better (than the old/classic Doctor Who — very few things outdo the current incarnation). Take the bloated undeserved budget away from those really REALLY reeeeeaaaallllyyy R.E.A.L.L.Y. bad Chris Pratt Jurassic Park movies, and give it to something with way more legs to run.




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