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8 Random Actors I Want to Keep Seeing Succeed

Kiersey Clemons

A photo of the actor Kiersey Clemons.

Regardless of what role I’ve seen Kiersey in, she does an amazing job of embodying that character to the point that I seriously forget the last one she played. And her range is solid!

My introduction to her was the 2015 comedy DOPE (ironically – lol) where she was a lesbian Hiphop head, Diggy, who had misadventures with a group of fellow high school misfits. The next big thing I saw her in was a supporting role in another comedy from 2016, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. And then, out of nowhere, she popped up as the lead in a Horror movie (a genre I love, by the way) from Blumhouse called Sweetheart in 2019 where she plays a woman named Jenn who is trapped on an island with something malevolent following a boat’s wreckage.

She’s done much more than that, so I encourage you to check out her IMDB page here.


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