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8 Random Actors I Want to Keep Seeing Succeed

Alexandra Daddario

Actor Alexandra Daddario.

Possibly the talent on this list that I know the least about, but I’d like to know more now. Alexandra has apparently been around for quite some time, but the only thing I clearly remember seeing her in was 2019’s Horror/Comedy We Summon the Darkness.

While the movie is entertaining and definitely worth anyone seeing as a whole, the star of the movie is without a doubt the de facto leader of the group of young women in it. As the character Alexis (which is very close to her name), Alexandra puts on an amazing performance in the movie — going from a “confident and interesting” rock fan to a (very) believably crazy person in a matter of minutes. Trust me, you’ll love her in the role.

I personally hope to see more of her work not that I’ve been made aware of her acting chops. And from the looks of her IMDB page, I’ll have a lot of opportunities to investigate more of her work.


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