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8 Random Actors I Want to Keep Seeing Succeed

Lana Condor

Actor Lana Condor.

If you haven’t seen her work in 2018’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, I’ll forgive you. It is a genre-piece that may not be for everyone – but I promise it’s a relatable watch that you’ll enjoy.

Sure, the situation is unlikely – but it is a good watch that strikes a chord with a fair amount of people for a reason.

Her IMDB page has tons of other things, many of which place her in supporting roles outside of the To All The Boys… series of movies (I haven’t seen the sequel). She is very talented at her craft and seems to be a cool person overall based on interview videos I’ve seen her in. I’m looking forward to seeing what big splashes she makes next outside of that series of films.


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