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8 Random Actors I Want to Keep Seeing Succeed

Josh Hartnett

Actor Josh Hartnett.

I have always had a fascination with this guy’s career. He plays just offbeat enough that I have always been drawn to the characters.

It is hilarious to think that he started out playing in movies like Halloween H20 and The Faculty, just kind of being a young “stud” (do people still say that) in late ’90s Horror films. Clearly, he was just getting a check. I say that because shortly after that, he tore through Hollywood in a number of features that any actor would’ve wanted at the time if they could land them.

Pearly Harbor, Black Hawk Down, and Sin City may have been some of the bigger names in his early 2000s track record – but they all feel boilerplate compared to the work of his I really admire. And frankly, I think he felt the same based on the things he started taking on which were MUCH more interesting.

Many a man takes on the introspective role of his character Matt in the Lent-inspired sex comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights. The movie Wicker Park was a mind-fuck (worth checking out) in terms of relationship movies! And then came the biggy (and what defined his style for me)… Lucky Number Slevin.

From there, I think he found his lane and calling. The cast in the movie was strong and eclectic – but unlike his costars, Hartnett seemed to shun the A-List route. He had the potential to take on bigger roles (in terms of exposure), I’m sure – but instead he went down a memorable path of things with a more Indie vibe. The Black Dahlia, 30 Days of Night, August (a great movie for any Business students out there), and to cap off his 2000s work – Bunraku (a little known action movie that watches like a blend between a film and a stage play).

I know I’ve talked about him a lot, but it’s because I’m genuinely a fan of this man’s work – and he’s back! I just want to see him keep it moving, and his IMDB page is promising me more work.


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