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8 Random Actors I Want to Keep Seeing Succeed

John Turturro

Actor John Turturro.

I end this listing with a shout-out to one of the more understated talents out there (in my opinion). John Turturro is known for a lot of supporting roles, but he always SHINES in them.

The earliest role I think I saw him in was as the racist Italian brother Pino in Spike Lee’s 1989 gem Do the Right Thing.

He was in The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou, but he REALLY kills it as Luzhin in the chess drama The Luzhin Defence (a MUST WATCH for any fans of good cinema).

His list runs deep, but I wanted to bring THAT ^^ to more eyes. And, sadly – more people know him now for his role in the Transformers movie series (but I’m sure he’s proud of that work because he does well there, too).

His next thing I need to see is The Jesus Rolls (a Big Lebowski tie-in).

This guy has been in the game for a while, but I always seem to enjoy everything he touches. Check out his work on his IMDB page if you’re unfamiliar.


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