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You Can Get Everything At Costco. Even a Private Jet.

I just want to make everyone aware of the fact that you can get a membership to a service that grants you private jet flight access at Costco.

A flippin’ Private… Jet.

My “commoner mind” can think of very few clear marks of status in GLOBAL society than flying somewhere in a private jet. I’ve flown on a small aircraft that was shared with about 10 others between islands before, but I’ve never flown on “my own” jet anywhere (some day).

Rear view of businessman with luggage walking towards corporate jet.

I was first made aware of this one because of a story that passed through my Google news feed a few days ago. Just $17.5K (starting) will put you in the friendly skies in a private luxury fashion. Plus a few other costs (pictured below).

Who knew that the place where I normally go to buy huge amounts of toilet paper, snacks, condiments, and cleaning supplies (among other things) sold such a thing?! I mean – I guess someone knew. But now the secret is out!

The annual membership is with a company called Wheels Up, and they even have more options outside of what’s offered on Costco on their company website.


Membership options for Wheels Up - the private jet charter company.

So, pick your lane & fly there privately!

That is literally it for this one. Click the links for more details, but I just think the nature of what you’re buying alone makes this one ridiculous enough to earn its spot in this section.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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