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Adult Creativity: Oh, To Be Blogging Again

I wanted to pop in for a sec and advocate that everyone look into having a creative outlet of some kind. Doing something that lets you abstractly apply your thinking vs. constantly working through logical systems — it’s SO satisfying. If you can’t tell, my outlet of choice is Blogging about whatever the hell I feel like at the moment.

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I do other things, too (which you’ll come to know more about if you keep following this blog), but my daily ritual that feeds my creative energies is scribbling my thoughts down to share with the world. I haven’t done it in a while (4 years?), but it feels AMAZING to scratch that itch in my brain again.


Something… Happens…

I am a Data Analyst for a financial services website in my day-job, so the header image of this one really does hold very specific meaning for me. My day is full of looking at tools and strategies to help deliver the best conversions, retention, or experience for members of our services. And while I enjoy the work a lot, it admittedly doesn’t get the same parts of my brain flaring as when I sketch or sing or freestyle (yep, I still spit hot fire every now and then on my own when no one is watching).

Blogging does everything for me that I may sometimes feel like I’m missing at work. I can feel the juices in my head moving along much faster and more freely than they do at any other part of the day. I can honestly say another part of my mind comes alive and to the forefront when I do creative things.

Everyone should have that.


I Am Not Special Because I Create

We definitely all used to have that huge feeling of creativity back when we were children. Coloring inside the lines didn’t exist and our minds were boundless. There was a certain wisdom in our lack of adherence to any set of standards or norms.

Little African-American boy painting at table indoors.

Sadly, though – some people forget their childlike sense of wonder and creation, and then live on somewhat unfulfilled because it’s like someone told them they aren’t creative and can’t ever be. Do I blame our school system for that? Yes. But, I’m not mad about it because I feel like the main goals of school involve making us employable and cogs that will fit into the well-oiled machine called Society.

Well, I want to tell you that A) You are still creative & you can be even more so, and B) Creativity is subjective. You can still get back any sense of what you had as a kid if you CHOOSE to pursue it.

People tie a lot of their identity to their choice of profession (basing that on random conversations with people IRL over time). So, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that if you don’t really find your work all that creatively enjoyable — you may feel a little monotony in your life along with a sense of dissatisfaction. Something might be missing. I’m not saying that’s a guarantee, but I am stating that I could see how creative outlets (or lack thereof) are related to living a satisfying life as an adult.

We all need an outlet for the random emotions we have throughout the day. Good or bad. If you genuinely want to curse out your boss — why not draw a comic of you actually doing it one day? If you want to tell that person you think they’re hot — maybe write it out in a poem first? If you feel lost and alone — journal about it (and then seek a friend or professional help if the feeling persists)? Feeling cynical? Write jokes. If you hate music on the radio, write your own? What’s stopping you?!


We Have to Get Out of Our Own Way

You always hear that “humans are social creatures” – but I think it also doesn’t get mentioned enough that we are beings of infinite possibility and capability. That is hugely in part because of the creative potential WE ALL possess!

A caterpillar casting a shadow of a butterfly.

If you are reading this, I want YOU to have that same amazing feeling that blogging gives me. I want YOU to have something that you look forward to after you finish up work and being an adult. I want YOU to have something out there that uniquely express your essence to the world around you. Even if it’s something that you keep privately to yourself — simply committing to the act of putting that energy out into the world brings something special into existence that wasn’t there before… YOU.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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