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The Power of “Hello” & a Friendly Check-In

A lot of people we know are dealing with VERY real things right now. Impostor Syndrome. Depression. Self-Discovery. Trauma. Job Loss. Financial Insecurity. Family Issues. The list goes on. Through all of that – we can’t forget the simple, but deep, power of just saying “Hello” to someone and checking in on them.

Call your friend and check on them. Write a letter or an email to someone in your family. Text someone and just ask them how they’re doing. DM them on Social Media. Send a smoke signal if you have to! (Kidding) I hear the cool kids are using this thing called Zoom these days.

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A Few Thoughtful Minutes of Good Vibes Can Change a Life

“More than 60 percent of Americans report feeling lonely, left out, poorly understood, and lacking companionship…”

ohsonline.com (Jan 28, 2020)

That is a terrifying stat, and maybe something we could easily fix in a lot of cases by taking a little time to care for each other enough to communicate.

If you do a search on Google right now for “the impact of checking in on someone” – you get 474,000,000 results. Sure. All of that isn’t relevant results – but a lot of it is. Clicking through a few of those, you see trends about people hearing from significant others less. There are articles about checking in on friends. And even more on “just checking-in in general“.

Consciously pause for a moment and reach out to check-in on a friend you haven’t seen in forever because you never know what they may be going through silently.

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A Contextual Check-in Can Work Wonders!

Asking a friend, or even an acquaintance you know, a bit about “how their family is doing”… “-a job is going”… or “how a medical issue worked out”… (and so on) can be uplifting for someone who may feel alone with their issue.

And I think anyone who has been through anything in life can tell you getting a reminder that you’re not alone can go a long way. I am not a saint at this myself – I personally suck at it with A LOT of people, so I’m in part writing this one for my own benefit.

I don’t have much for this one aside from trying to remind people to “mind people” (I felt like a bit of wordplay there would make that statement click a little better… did it work?). Saying “Hello” to someone literally takes one second.

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Now call your friend or family member.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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