My personal productivity hidey-hole.
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Everyone Needs a Personal Productivity Hidey-Hole

Where do you get your work done? I am not asking where you do your day job, or the location your office is set in. I want to know where you get YOUR work done? Where do you prioritize your projects and bang things out at? I want you to tell me about your personal productivity hidey-hole.

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Human beings have had secret hideaways and clandestine meeting spots since the dawn of man. We are born with an instinct to find our corner or nook and carve our shape into the universe, from there, accordingly.

This is “my spot”.

This is the place where I got this site put up with 14 newly-written posts in a matter of days. This is the desk where I started the LLC that this blog falls under in a week’s time. Those are the cork- and dry erase boards where I track project progress and hang things for Instagram photos. I’ve drawn tons of sketches at that art desk over the years in 5 different apartments across 3 different cities. The Bam! and Pow! has switched careers with me.

This is my little hidey-hole in this great big universe.

My ideas come from here, and pieces of my soul would surely haunt this place if I died violently here (not trying to be morbid – LOL – I’m just sayin’).

So… I ask again… Where do you get your work done?

If you don’t have a place: Why not?

If you don’t work on anything for yourself: Why the hell not?

I think everyone needs a little spot that they can call their own, even in their own house. I live alone, and I know that my apartment is “my place”, but I can’t be everywhere at once. I probably spend more hours glued to the seat at that L-shaped desk than I do anywhere else in my home. THAT is what I mean when I say, “Where do you get YOUR work done?”

This post serves no purpose other than for me to say that I hope you have a special place of your own. Bringing it back to the title- I think “Everyone needs a personal productivity hidey-hole” of their own.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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