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Housekeeping: New Privacy Policy, T&C, and Cookie Policy are Up!

Yo! How much do you care about your data on the internet? I know that privacy online is kind of an illusion right now, but this site cares. That’s why I took a little bit of time to make sure there were proper policies in place to help manage the site’s conduct and that of any visitors to the site.


“Privacy Data Policy” Has Changed

So, I used to blog about five years before now – and I actually used to work on Privacy Policies professionally (as in, I was the guy who wrote them for companies). But, a lot has changed! Now there are a lot more things out there managing the conduct of websites online – so things are just a little more complicated (and we don’t want that).

To help alleviate some of that stress, I used a service called Termly to help this little blog stay compliant with those various regulations. I wanted to give their tool a shout-out for being so easy and thorough at the same time.

People looking over a privacy policy document on a computer.

Using Termly, I was able to navigate some of the key points in today’s data regulations for websites and easily put together the site’s Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookie Policy. I was even able to get a little Cookie notice added to the site for when new visitors pop in!

Even on my best day, I wasn’t that thorough in the past – so salute to them for it. (Please Note: I receive nothing for that endorsement & while Termly has a free option, I paid a fee for the thorough package I described above)


Why Take the Time to Tell You This?

Although these new policies don’t really mess with any of the way that the site was originally operating, I wanted to bring your attention to it because I just want visitors to know that there is no ill-intent behind this blog.

If you come across something that you don’t like – please contact me using the information provided in those policies. If there are any legal issues that you see with something the site is doing, again – please reach out to me. There will very likely be a very quick way of settling any issues that are brought up.

I have been on the receiving end of “cease and desist” letters in the past, and they’re no big deal. Each instance was handled in a civil manner and no one was harmed legally or physically (LOL).

I would also like people to rest assured that this site cares about your data. Nothing that is looked at or used for the sake of optimizing this site has any personally identifiable information in it, and nothing is shared outside of this site unless it is to help with operation purposes (think, buttons that help you share these blog posts on Social Media – and so on).

A white male looking through a magnifying glass over a white background.  Denotes Privacy concern.

If you read this post, you’re a champ & I salute your care and concern for your data. We live in an age of information, and it’s just nice/reassuring to know when entities are doing right by any information they collect on you.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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