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11 Signs You Have a Genuinely Amazing Job

Do you ever sit back and wonder whether or not your job is actually a good one? And not just if you have a “good job” – but if it’s kind of an amazing place to be in comparison to other places around the country? I do. I love my job — but, still — I do. So, I’d like to share a list I made with you based on some brief reading I did.

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If you have any type of gainful employment that keeps you from worrying about shelter and food insecurity, you should feel fortunate. But, being honest – that’s like the super ultra bare minimum if that’s all your job is giving you. What follows is a list, in no particular order, of things I think likely signal you’re at a rock star company.

Oh, and this is all NOT taking things like “company performance” into account. While it is truly great to work at a company that’s performing well — there are too many companies that perform very well but don’t really look out for their employees.

Now… Let’s get into it!


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