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11 Signs You Have a Genuinely Amazing Job

11. You Feel Valued, Like Your Team, and Jive Socially

Having had a few jobs where I both loved and loathed “the situation” there, I now know the value of having a great manager. I can honestly say that I’d take “feeling like I belong” over “I hate it, but the money is good” (that’s just me) any day of the week. I understand the value of having genuine friends at work (like… people who I want to see outside of the office, too). I have an internalized sense of what it means to feel intellectually-challenged and like I’m making a difference.

I know what it’s like to be happy to go to work each day.

Two young warehouse workers playing around on an automated pallet jack.  The male is driving and the woman is on his back.  Both appear to be having fun.

If you can say that you feel positive about these factors at your job, you’ve kinda’ hit the lottery on unspoken intangibles that most employers HOPE their work environment can provide for their employees.


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