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The Undeniable Talent of Dave Guertin

Have you come across art and felt inspired by the raw energy of it? I know that’s an abstract question, but I don’t know how else to describe my love of Dave Guertin’s art style. I first came across his work on LinkedIn of all places! A connection on there liked one of his pieces – I saw it – and the rest of my fandom is history.


Who is Dave Guertin?

Rather than give you a full rundown bio of his credentials, I’ll share (what looks like) an old Prezi presentation that a student did for their class on Dave. It isn’t that long. See you in 3.5-minutes.

(Shout-out to Nickie Ball for putting that one together! I don’t know you personally, but you’re a champ in my book.)

In short – Dave is a beast who has more than paid his dues as a creator behind a number of gems. You can find a bit more about him in his own words on his website.


Dave Guertin’s Amazing Art Style

I took the liberty of borrowing 15 of my favorite recent images from Dave’s Instagram account (which I HIGHLY recommend following – there’s a lot more there).

I e-mailed him about using his images, and he gave me the thumbs up. So, each image below is used with permission. Thanks, Dave – you’re amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: I claim NO copyright to any of these images. They are all the creations and property of Dave Guertin.

This is what I primarily know him for. Really really REALLY aesthetically pleasing abstract nerd & monster art.

I tend to love art and animation that feels “alive” and I sense an energy coming off of his work each time I look at it. I’d love to see him do full-scale animations, but I fully realize that illustration and animation are two different things. Guess I’ll settle for this for now.

It turns out that a lot of the stuff I’d seen of his on LinkedIn may have actually been from CreatureBox (the site mentioned in the video)! I just never knew about that artwork until now (feels good to be hip to the game now). Always good to find more content from a creator you enjoy.

Some art books he’s contributed to are on sale there, and it looks like there are a few others tied to Mr. Guertin’s name if you do a quick search on Amazon.


Seeing Him in Action

I found two older videos that caught my attention while digging up things for this post.

This first one is a quick hit from 2011 that shows him and his main partner in crime (Greg Baldwin) doing time-lapsed zombie pieces. Dave’s section starts at the 1:26 time-mark in the video.

[SORRY – this video was made private on YouTube]

The second one is a video of Dave and Greg Baldwin talking about being an artist in their community at the Creative Talent Network Animation Expo (I believe in 2013?). You have to jump over to VIMEO to check that one out due to the video’s privacy settings.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the artwork you got to see in this post. Dave is really one of my favorite artists.

I plan to keep artist-focused posts like this one coming regularly on the site, so if you have an artist you like that you’d love to see me do a brief spotlight on like this – please drop their name in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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