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India’s Farmers, Their Protests, and My Punjabi Friend

Chat with My Friend (Part 1 of 3)

SSD: So, why were there protests happening in DC last week for India?

The government recently passed a series of bills that are essentially what many are calling a “death warrant” for farmers. Things are already tough for farmers as it is. A sad statistic shows a farmer in India commits suicide every 30 minutes.

SSD: A friend sent me an article that mentioned that! I read another article that mentioned the average income of a farming family in over half of India’s states in 2016 was just $271 a year!

Yeah, like I said – things are already tough.

These bills remove the current government-controlled wholesale markets where farmers are guaranteed a minimum support price. With these bills, the system would become privatized and therefore further increase the debt that farmers deal with because they wouldn’t have the support of a minimum price.

One can assume that it’ll lead to the private companies buying out the small farms all together and leaving farmers with little to nothing left. [It is also] good to note that this doesn’t only affect farmers but ALSO all the traders and employees who run the markets- the middlemen will essentially be removed from the equation and left with nothing

SSD: But we’re in the US, and we can’t necessarily decide things for the Indian Government. Who was the protest on Friday in DC targeting, and what would the protestors like to see that person or group do?

The protest was strategically held outside the Indian embassy to put pressure on the ambassador to stand with the farmers. We want the world to know that we stand with them and we want India to know that people all over the world aren’t going to sit quietly and let these bills pass. Like with most protests, the point is to make a statement and bring awareness.

In addition to protests, US citizens are calling on US congress to pass a resolution of support for the farmers in India.

If you get a chance text “SIGN PKGYOP” to 50409 to get a bot to assist you with signing that if you’d like.

SSD: This is to get people to sign the resolution from US Congress?

Yeah, it’ll send your representatives a letter asking them to pass a resolution.

SSD: Got it. And I think awareness is definitely rising. A friend told me that this is officially being called the largest human protest in history.  Any thoughts on that?

It makes me emotional to think about that and it gives me goosebumps to think about the solidarity of over 250 million people standing together for this cause.


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