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India’s Farmers, Their Protests, and My Punjabi Friend

Chat with My Friend (Part 2 of 3)

SSD: Events like Friday’s help build solidarity and build socially fueled progress all over.  People are rising up in the face of what seems to be societal oppression, and that’s a good thing.

I’m proud of everyone who is standing up and risking their actual lives to show the Indian Government that they won’t back down. Tons of videos are circling social media that show elder farmers saying that they understood when they left their homes they might not make it back alive, but they knew this fight is worth it.

One older uncle gave his wife a garland of flowers and told her, “If they revoke the bills, I’ll come back and to welcome me you can place these flowers around my neck in celebration. If they refuse I’ll stay there until I die and you can use these flowers in mourning.” (He said that in Punjabi – that’s a loose paraphrasing)

SSD: Wow! What group(s) organized Friday’s event in DC? Did it all start in DC?

A local community group organized the protest on Friday in DC, but it did not start there.

This movement is all thanks to the farmers directly in India, starting in Punjab. A few months ago – they left their homes, took to the streets, and began their march from Punjab-to-Delhi (which is the capital of India). The protestors in India have closed down roads and set up camps all along the way with enough food for at least 6 months.

They prepare and serve all protestors together and anyone who is willing to join. We were brought more awareness of their bravery when Indian police began their attacks on the peaceful protestors. They’ve been throwing tear gas shells and shooting them with water cannons in the freezing cold.

The Indian Military Police have physically abused some protestors by beating them with sticks. Images of many elder folks have circulated that show they’ve been hit with tear gas bombs.

Since they started their protests in India, there have been smaller protests all over the world

SSD: I’ve seen some of the videos – like this one.



I cant stop watching it.

SSD: I know, right?!

“kisaan” = farmer

“ekta” = unity

“zindabaad” = long live

“Long live farmer unity.”

SSD: Thanks for that translation.

It’s all about ideology at the end of the day. If you believe a government exists to take care of its people, then the Indian government has failed.


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