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India’s Farmers, Their Protests, and My Punjabi Friend

Chat with My Friend (Part 3 of 3)

SSD: It is hard to read some of the stories about what’s happening, but it’s inspiring to see how people are mobilizing around it. What are the outcomes that the groups protesting want to see from all of this?

They want the bills taken back at the minimum. On December 1st, [the] government and farmers met for a discussion but did not reach a resolution. The government offered to create a committee to discuss the new laws, but farmers rejected their offer.

Historically, that type of response from the government is just a force of distraction and an attempt to ease the protests and dismantle the movement.

They met again and still haven’t come to a conclusion. I believe there’s another meeting this coming week. They want those bills removed.

SSD: And what would you personally like to see?

PERSONALLY, I want that and more. I want more support given to the farmers. I want water to be redirected to where it’s needed most. I want an increase in the minimum support price. I want unfair debts to be cleared. I want the riot police and military officers to retreat and leave the peaceful protestors alone along with an apology to those they’ve already hurt.

SSD: That sounds like a fair ask (both theirs and yours). What can someone do if they want to help spread awareness about what’s happening in India right now, and support the farmers?

I think any government’s biggest fear is knowledgeable citizens. Reading up and learning about this movement and then sharing that information would be a huge form of support for the farmers. Even knowing that the world is standing with them would fuel their energy and keep them moving forward.

Any US supporters can text “SIGN PKGYOP” to 50409 to send a letter to their representatives asking for the US Congress to pass a resolution in support of the farmers.

There are also a few organizations collecting donations to help provide more food and supplies to the protestors in India.

SSD: Any that you have in mind and care to name?

Khalsa Aid –

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organization is based upon the Sikh principle of “Recognize the whole human race as one”.

They travel the world and have chapters everywhere aimed to be in the middle of disaster to help out. [For Example,] during Hurricane Katrina they were there in New Orleans working on the ground providing food and building shelter.

SSD: Nice – and thanks for pointing people to places they can help.

No problem.

SSD: Well, this gives me plenty to share with my friends and readers (aka – friends I haven’t met yet).  Anything else that you’d like to add in closing?

Sometimes it takes something bad to happen for the world to unite over a movement that has existed for multiple decades.

I’m incredibly proud of those fighting in India – especially the women who have taken to the streets fearlessly. Their faithful and fearless spirits are inspiring and I hope that this fight ends soon with the government realizing that the people are not for these changes.

Every voice in this movement is significant and all the voices together will create change.

SSD: Thank you for sharing that. I hope looking over this inspires a few to take action in any peaceful way that they can.


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