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India’s Farmers, Their Protests, and My Punjabi Friend

A Few Closing Thoughts…

I know, some of you reading may be wondering about where this post fits into the overall vibe of this site. I will explain it more in the About section once I get it up – but, I basically post things that I think are “dope” here. And I think people standing up against sources of suffering (government-coordinated or not) is dope. Plus, this is a very current event – and I like to cover those every now and then.

That said, this video kind of summarizes everything about last week’s protest that I showed you in those pictures – plus some.



Considering how many of my Brown friends supported me through a lot of BLM moments, I can’t turn a blind eye to something that’s affecting them and their families. I hope that by actively being there, and by sharing some of the things you see in this post – they know I’m with them and theirs.

And I’m not the only “non-Brown” person who feels this way.

The story of this struggle (once you get a little more familiar with the hardships of it) is resonating across racial groups. Here’s a popular shot circulating online from Cali (source unknown).

Two Mexican protestors supporting the Indian Protests.

Even Canada is choosing a side on this one… CANADA!


Far too many times, we don’t care about things that aren’t happening to “us” or “our people” – but we’re all a part of one humanity. I think that when we acknowledge that and “someone else’s” problem is actually treated with the same empathy as “my problem” and seen as “our problem” – the world will be a much better place.

In the end… When all is said and done… Some things, yes – you sit by on the sidelines and watch happen. That is your right. But others? Well, for others – you shut down the Bay Bridge and make sure the world sees you.



SoSoDOPE stands with the farmers of India. Good luck and protection to you all.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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