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Pinterest Boards & Cool Beads

Pinterest is one of those Social Media sites I check out solely for inspiration. I come across cool stuff there in a visual format, and that really helps with some of the finds for this blog in particular. I wanted to share a few boards with you that I curate so that you can know where some of the “cool things” you’ll be seeing here are coming from.

These are all fairly new boards, mind you – but I find inspiration in them nonetheless.


Men’s Style Inspiration

When it comes to looking for good shots related to a fashion item or trend I want to point out, I don’t look any further than this board and its related pins.

Pinterest Board - Men's Style Inspiration


Utterly Ridiculous (But I Like It)

This is a board full of things I basically never expect to be able to afford – LOL! Not trying to speak my limitations into existence (although, I’m sure I am) – I just like to think I’m being a little realistic on managing my expectations when it comes to THESE particular things. Seems like a lifestyle you’re born into or you ruthlessly claw and scratch your way up to.

That still doesn’t stop me from appreciating those material items.

Pinterest Board - Utterly Ridiculous (But I Like It)


Pop Culture

This last board I’d like to point out is pretty self-explanatory. This is a board where I just like to pin things related to my pop culture interests and see what type of cool visuals are happening out there in mediums I care about.

Pinterest Board - Pop Culture

I used to kind of knock Pinterest a long time ago, but I can see why people like it. You can go in there and lose so much time (in a good way) if you lock-in on an aesthetic that really pleases you.

I am also curious about how others are using the site/app if you use it. Do you promote on there? Do you use it for inspiration? Is it like a Vision Board for you?

It’s brought me into the world of crafting at times, making things like the beads mentioned in the title…



I take no credit for the blue one (like I said in the caption, I was repairing that one), but the other ones in wood – if you click-through the images — I made those. I probably never would’ve done anything like that without seeing some of those things on Pinterest first.

If you want to see any of my other boards, check them out here.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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