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13 Modern Business Classes Colleges Should Teach

As I jumped back into blogging, I did an inventory of what I knew from the past, what I currently practice daily, and what I need to learn (I’m reading lots of books & trying so many new tools). In the middle of it all I thought, “Man, I wish I had learned this in college.” Well, Today I talk about modern business classes college students need.

To be fair, some of what I’m going to talk about with regard to Social Media stuff is actually taught in some schools now – but not all of them. I will try to touch on skills outside of the Social Media space, and give specifics on things – but these suggestions are all geared toward a “Business Creative” slant if you will.

A young business man in a suit holding a laptop and typing with colorful splatters of paint coming out of the laptop (symbolizing a creative business person).

You will notice I’m not mentioning things like “coding” because I feel like, while that knowledge-gap is still being closed, it’s been acknowledged. These class descriptions, not entire degree summarizations, are opportunity zones where I feel like colleges could really help out right now on a national scale.

Let’s go.


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