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So, I Saw an Ad for “MonkeyFeet” & I Bought It…

One thing that you will learn about me as you continue to read this blog, is that I am shamelessly susceptible to advertising so long as I don’t have any current financial burdens responsibilities holding me back. I see a thing, want a thing, buy the thing. And that’s what happened with MonkeyFeet from Animalhouse Fitness!


No… not these type of monkey feet 🤨 (Although, they are cool)

Teenager monkey hanging on tree by feet looking at photographer. (Monkeyfeet Animalhouse)

And throwing this out there again – I am receiving no payment for mentioning this product. It just looked cool to me in an ad I saw on Facebook or Instagram (I forget which one), so I wanted to tell you a bit about it.



Some “Pre-MonkeyFeet” Context

I may not look it, but weighing in at about a constant 155 – 160lbs – I can bench press over 300lbs more than once (like 3 times if I’m fresh — I think 310lbs was my max the last time I checked it pre-COVID). I’m a “semi-gym rat” with aspirations of starting a fitness journey blog/vlog one day (more to come on that in the near future).

Anyway, I say all of that to let you know that I have a bit of a home gym that I workout in. Easily one of my best investments, especially since we’ve been dealing with a pandemic and I don’t play with things like that. One thing that suffers in my apartment-based home gym however is my leg routine. I have owned a full squat rack in the past, but not in this current home (I miss that thing). So – lots and lots of lunges happen, but it’s still lacking compared to what I can do at a gym.


Animalhouse’s MonkeyFeet is Helps Bridge the Gap

Look at this cool idea!

If it actually holds up to the rigors I want to put it through – it could be a great addition to my home gym. And I’d be able to hit a few muscle groups that have been getting a little neglected since sometime in March of 2020.

So, I ordered one just to give it a test drive. If I end up underwhelmed in any way – totally money I was willing to spend just on the CHANCE it’s amazing and can handle heavier weight than what’s shown in their demo. The site claims it can support “up to a 160lb dumbbell per foot” – so, we’ll see.

There will be a video in about a week or so just showing you all my experience with it. Can’t wait!

It looks simple enough to use…

And it also appears to have a pretty versatile set of applications (I’m sure I’ll think of more)…

Considering all of my current workouts are primarily dumbbell-based (I have a barbell as well, but not nearly enough weight – so I make due) because of COVID, this is a godsend as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, Animalhouse!

That’s it — this post is a pretty simple one letting you know that I saw a cool thing and went ahead and pulled the trigger on it because it felt like a no-brainer.


Peace, and thanks for reading.


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