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All About the “About Page”

A major milestone has finally been crossed for this site. The last of SoSoDOPE‘s semi-requited “metadata” pages has been completed. The site now officially has an About Page, and I want the world to know. Consider yourself informed. Tell your friends – tell your family – tell your mailman!

Haha – I actually always hold off on doing things like “About” and “Start Here” Pages because I need to see what a site develops into. Sure, they keep you focused – but I actually like a little chaos in my process. I begin things like this with an idea in mind, and then I allow it to mutate based on what type of feedback I’m receiving.

After a month of operation, the time felt right to get this very important page (for some) out there. It is permanently housed in the top-menu/navigation in both the desktop and mobile versions of this site.

I hope the site’s About Page effectively tells you a little more about what I stand for as a blogger, and what you can expect from this site. If you still feel like something vital is missing – please let me know, and I’ll consider getting it added.

If you clicked into a post about my site’s About Page, you’re the real MVP.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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