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13 Modern Business Classes Colleges Should Teach

Entrepreneurial Studies

“[U.S.] Student loan debt increased in the third quarter of 2020 by $9 billion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That brings the total to around $1.7 trillion.”

Source: “Momentum builds for Biden to cancel student loan debt

In a world of climbing student debt and costs of living, schools have a responsibility (and opportunity) to not only train the next generation of employees – but also the next generation of business owners. If you aren’t specifically teaching coursework focusing on the details of starting, maintaining, and closing businesses – you’re failing at that purpose.

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There are millions of seasoned office employees who wouldn’t know the first things about starting a business even though they have more than enough technical know-how to perform the function of their intended business. This is a confidence gap caused by learning to be an employee and not an owner. There are nuanced differences and schools should teach them.


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