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13 Modern Business Classes Colleges Should Teach

CMS 101+, 201+, and 301+

In December 2020, WordPress is used by 63.9% of websites whose content management system (CMS) is known by W3Techs (which is 39.3 % of all websites).

Source: W3Techs’ WordPress Detail Page

This is where students should learn about building or maintaining websites in some of the major CMS options out there.

A banner showing the concept of a CMS.

101+ would be an introduction to “everything” so that they get a feel for what they prefer or have an aptitude for; 201+ offering a look at CMS verticals (e.g. these are good for blogging, these are good for photography, these are good for selling in small-to-large shops, etc); and 301+ focusing on the ins and outs of a specific system in each class (e.g. You only focus on WordPress in-depth in a class, etc.).


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