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Monthly Kickstarter: “OH, the HORROR!”

In another effort to help creators get their dreams out there into the world, the Monthly Kickstarter for the remainder of December 2020 is OH, the HORROR! A card game a coworker told me about that her friend made. It is cool enough to get a plug from the one & only – Mr. Kevin Smith (of Jay & Silent Bob fame and so much more).

Snatched straight from the Kickstarter page


“OH, the HORROR!” Gameplay In-Brief:

PLEASE NOTE these aren’t all-inclusive rules for gameplay. Those can be viewed on the creator’s website, or on the Kickstarter page itself.

  • It’s a game for 3+ Players.
  • A Death Dealer (DD) flips a “Killer” and “Victim” card for the group.
  • All non-DD players then give murder method cards to the DD.
  • The DD shuffles the cards & reads them off randomly.
  • And then the DD chooses the one they like the most.
  • The winner of the round takes the victim card and gameplay continues.
  • The game is over when the group decides it is.

There are 10 special cards in the deck that spice-up gameplay as well.

Basically, if Cards Against Humanity and Horror movies are your thing – then OH, the HORROR! sounds like a potentially good time for you and your friends. I seriously imagine this game would be a riot to throw-down on while drinking beers. Kevin Smith sure seems to endorse this one, and I’ve found that I vibe with most things that he says.


What Do You Get with This Card Game?

Other than a good time?! Well, a lot of that depends on the tier you go for if you help fund the project – but here’s a list from the Kickstarter page.

What's included in the OH, the HORROR card game Kickstarter.

Beyond that, there are Kickstarter exclusives such as a game tote – an enamel pin – expansion packs – and even the opportunity to appear in the game as a playable character!

I hope you’ll lend a bit of consideration for this one. It feels like a fun concept for Horror buffs and even those who just love a little funny horror in their life every now and then. Might also be a solid gift for any loved ones you have who are into the Horror genre and card games.


Every little bit helps with Kickstarter campaigns, so chip in what you can to help the OH, the HORROR! team accomplish their goal and tell your friends! This one ends on Friday – January 1, 2021. The contribution from SoSoDOPE is in & I hope they make it!

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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