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I have learned a strong belief in speaking things into existence. If you think positive thoughts, you’ll attract that. If you think negative thoughts, you lose before you even begin. That said, I’d like to speak into existence the fact that I want to own a yacht one day 🤣 (I’m willing to work to make it happen).


Why do I Want a Yacht?

I can’t really explain to you why I even want one – it’s not like I’ve been on many. I have literally only ever been on ONE in my entire life (for a party). That’s it. But… Wow! I loved it!

Yachts are just beautiful and kind of one of those “embodiments of luxury” in my mind. I know that there would be maintenance and upkeep to pay. Depending on the size – a captain or a crew. Docking fees. Fuel. Lord knows what else.

But I don’t care. I want one. Billionaire Johnnie owns a yacht. It would probably be my present to myself AFTER I land my first billion (because, discipline).


Where do I See Yachts?

For now, I’m satisfied with just looking at them on Pinterest – LOL! I even have a board called “Yacht-zee” that’s dedicated to them.

A screenshot of my Pinterest board Yacht-zee, dedicated to my love of yachts.

Another thing that stuck with me was seeing Steve Jobs’ yacht, which I think wasn’t completed until after his death.

And here’s a video that offers a bit more detail about it…

Some yachts just DO NOT PLAY! << You want to click that link.


Do I Even Know Where to Purchase a Yacht?

Not to commission one from scratch – no. But, if I could actually afford one, I’m sure I’d figure that part out easily enough.

Do I know where to just purchase one, though? Yes. Yes I do.

On a website that I have no business knowing about (which I’ll probably do a post about later on this site – haha)! I don’t want a super–expensive one. Just like a $20 – $40 Million one (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)! Preferably with no sails…

Dream big. (Plus, trust me – yachts can cost MUUUUCH more than the price tag I’m talking about)

Have you ever heard of JamesEdition? Check it out if you want, and if you don’t check it out – don’t worry. Like I said, I’ll be writing about that site at some point in the future for sure.


In the End – A Guy Can Dream…

Look, I don’t know what I’d do with a yacht besides have parties on it. Maybe just cruise around island waters? I genuinely don’t know. But there’s something about them that stirs something in my soul. They are VERY ridiculous (in terms of practicality), but I want one.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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