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2021 Will Be Special (the Grind Session Is On)

I have spent the last few days getting the final bits of laziness out of my system before 2021. As evidenced by my lack of posting lately, I prioritized relaxing & getting my mind right for what I know is coming. I also need to prep for a huge life change later in 2021 that a handful knows about. 2021 is about to be a special year. The Grind Session is on.

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What Have I Been Up To?

Since starting vacation on the 23rd, I’ve binge-watched The Mandalorian (seasons 1 & 2) and Big Mouth while eating the last of my “bad snacks” at home (chips, candy, cookies, etc.). I also got around to watching Wonder Woman and Soul (more on that experience in another post). Plans of going back to my hometown for Christmas this year were off the table due to COVID travel concerns, but I did hang with a group for dinner that day. We ate delicious prime rib, and I drank enough tasty cocktails and wine to be officially be considered social without even being buzzed.


Grind Season is In-Session

I plan to commit heavily to blogging in 2021 because that’s where my head is at right now for some reason. I have kicked the tires on enough things at this point that I have a posting cadence down, and I know what channels/audiences I’m writing for (while still retaining my own creative flare). Also, this is the year I hopefully help a few aspiring-bloggers start their sites up. In about a week or so, I’ll announce the start of that business/passion project/side-hustle.

This will be a year of learning and re-discovery on my end. I plan to learn much more in the worlds of YouTube (yep, the time for that to begin in earnest is right around the corner) and coding. At the same time, I’ll jump back into my art (which includes visual elements like drawing, painting, and photography – plus other mediums like poetry and creating music).

The cherry on top of everything is re-committing to the pursuit of my best physical shape and health (which is why I mentioned eating the last of my “bad snacks” above). While I’ve been working out lightly since starting to work from home in March, I haven’t been going at it nearly as hard as I typically would. I am avoiding gyms right now, too – so that factors in. There are a lot of moving pieces and thoughts for this one. Fortunately, none of it is anything I haven’t dealt with already in the past.

I plan to go hard at these through May of 2021 when I’ll take a little mental break and ease up a bit.

6 months of hardcore focus can put you 5 years ahead in life. Grind Session 2021

I will stop this there, but I really don’t think I can properly convey how excited I am about what’s coming. I haven’t been this full of energy in quite some time, and I look forward to showing everyone what I’ve already seen exist in my mind. Seriously, I’ve been mentally preparing for this all of 2020.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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