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SoSoDOPE’s YouTube Channel is Now Active

I had fun recording myself growing up (as kids do). I would record my voice and play it back as I made my own talk shows for my parents, but I never took it as far as video. I have always wanted to learn more about that particular medium, though – and now I’m living out that dream with the launch of SoSoDOPE‘s very own YouTube channel!

While it’s a far cry from the days when I’d pretend to be a weatherman (for real – I did it as a play on my last name), there are already 2 videos up on the channel and over 20 subscribers!

A screenshot of the SoSoDOPE YouTube Channel.

I’m thankful for each subscriber and view each video has garnered so far because some YouTube posts never get as far as these have in their few days of existence.

What To Expect On SoSoDOPE’s YouTube Channel

Haha – I probably won’t dabble in the land of skits (I’m just not clever enough for that), but I enjoy the fresh creative outlet opportunity this provides all the same. I look forward to mastering the skills required for content creation and video editing. Right now, the content is planned to be lots of vlogging content, opinion pieces, interviews, adventures, and any other miscellanea that pops into my mind.

Young man with smoke coming out of a cup experimenting.

I plan to post pretty regularly on there. At this point, I will likely get a sit-down style chat out there every other day or so, and then some longer-form stuff as well every other week (just because of the time involved in editing). As creator and editor, I operate a single-person shop – so it’ll be fun to see the output capacity that my free-time generates.

Where Can You Find The Channel?

The little YouTube button in the top-right of this site’s navigation (as seen on Desktop) will take you straight to the channel. If you’re looking for it directly on YouTube, search for “SoSoDope” (not case-sensitive) and you’ll see this blog’s logo and corresponding channel/videos. I also imagine that as the channel grows, you’ll just be able to look it up on Google – but I don’t think it’s ranking there just yet (not the correct one, anyway).

Check Out The First Two Videos!

The first video was a review component to go along with a post about MonkeyFeet (a fitness product) that I did earlier on here. It runs a little long at a little over 12 minutes, and I actually forgot to properly introduce myself in the process of creating the video – haha!

So, I made this second video to fix that injustice (and this might actually serve as a more official introduction for anyone who doesn’t know me personally and has been checking out this site without reading the About Page.

Check it out. Like, subscribe, and ring that bell (YouTuber-speak).

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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