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Monthly Kickstarter: “The Achiever Planner”

I open this by letting everyone know that this particular Kickstarter is already fully-funded (even though there are over 30 days left to fund it)! I tossed a bit of cash to the Achiever Planner simply because I think it’s a neat planner, and I wanted to gift one to a few friends. That said, consider this month’s rec for you & your loved ones.

So, Why This Planner?

If you haven’t noticed this about me yet by some of the things I post to this blog, I’m a huge fan of the setting and achieving personal goals. I have some methods of my own to pull off my own achievements, but the Achiever Planner just looks like a cool tool to have in your arsenal.

From a functional sense, I’m a fan of the phone pocked and penholder on the front of the planner, but I really like everything the item is trying to achieve in its pages: Helping us become better versions of ourselves.

Achiever Planner Sections.

That is a powerful (not so) secret sauce that I normally get behind 100% of the time I see it. It resonates with me on an almost primal level (haha – it’s part of why I love Anime so much).

I also want to mention that this planner solved multiple things for me. I have multiple things that do what this one planner does — so why not?!

Be a Beautiful Achiever!

As a person who has owned a number of journals & planners over the years, these are actually quite gorgeous from a design perspective!

The specs for the Achiever Planner.

The creators managed to get a nice functional layout of everything while still maintaining an aesthetic slant without it interfering with what they’re trying to do.

Cool colors that the Achiever Planner comes in.

Nothing more to this one that what’s already been said, I really think this Kickstarter just has a nice product and a nice goal that could benefit a lot of us. Funding opportunities for this end on Saturday – February 13, 2021 (one day before Valentine’s Day — super easy to remember), so if you want one (or more) – go for it!

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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