Peter Han doing a live art exhibition.
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The Shoe Sketch Stylings of Peter Han

I have become curious about the phrase “Master Artist” over the last few years. I didn’t understand it at first, but it’s actually a commonly accepted term. There is something so special about certain artists that they’re heralded as having mastery over their respective crafts, and with his level of talent – Peter Han is one such artist.

I have seen multiple definitions of what it takes to be a Master Artist online. Things that are considered include resilience, technique, originality, and their general love & dedication toward art. Frankly, it all sounds a bit subjective to me – but those are generally things I’ve seen tossed around for the definition.

This Brings Us To Peter Han

Master Artist Peter Han sitting at a booth for a photo.

Known for his technical skill with ink on paper. What makes Peter Han a Master Artist? Is it the fact that he regularly displays his groundbreaking style on Instagram? Is it the fact that he’s published a few books? Is it because he’s a prolific and accomplished concept artist and teacher who captivates many? Maybe it’s just because people like to watch him draw (cue the Instagram embeds)?

I’d argue it’s all of that, plus the fact that he’s dedicated his life to his craft while still having a passion for it that he loves to share with others.

Well, aside from all of that – I LOVE the fact that Peter Han experiments with different art surfaces. And while I could show you a ton of his more known works, I instead want to focus on a period from April-through-September of 2020 where he treated his Instagram followers to his artistic experimentation on pairs of NIKEs and Air Jordans each month. Haha – aside from the fact that he’s a sneakerhead, it’s his habit of “taking a regular item and making it a piece of art through his sheer willing it into existence” (which I’m pretty sure counts on the “Master Artist” checklist as well) that fascinates me about the shoes.

The Shoes (In Chronological Order)

You will want to be sure to click through each set of photos in the embeds to see all of the detail he puts into these shoes from multiple angles.

How sick are those?!?!

I’m not sure what the future holds for Peter or his work, but one thing is for sure – he made each pair of those shoes unique and instant collector’s items in certain circles.

That’s all that I’ve got for this one.

What was your favorite pair? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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