A picture of a boat in front of a mountain.
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Would You Rather: Water, Boat, Mountain, or Sky?

Early this morning, I came across a beautiful mountain (Mt. Fuji) image on Instagram that has stuck with me throughout the day so far. I’ve worked out, done two loads of laundry, ate food – and my “Would You Rather” is still there. So, I figured it might be worth sharing here just because it’s nagging in the back of my mind.

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A Boat on Water with a Mountain & the Sky

Here’s the image in question. Stare at it for a while before you jump into reading this post.

A Picture of Mount Fuji with a boat in front of it on a body of water.

I take no credit for this photo (see credit info below), but it’s haunting for me in a good way. I like the way that it makes me feel and think.

When I reposted this on my Instagram account, I asked the following question with it…

“(Spiritually-speaking) Would you rather be like the water, the boat, the mountain, or the sky?”

Some Dude with an Afro

It’s just one of those questions that says a lot about who you are and where you’re at when you answer it in detail.

Here’s How I See Things

My answer to this seemingly harmless question (which there is no wrong answer to) is that I’d rather be the boat.

I see the water as something that is strong, but willing to compromise because it knows what it is. It can take on the form of whatever it’s put into and allows things to pass through it. It may become tainted, but would purify over time – and even in its own right, it could erode or support things based on how compatible those things are with the water. My one issue with the water is that at some point – it stops “moving”. Sure – it’ll flow, but it’s bound within the confines of where it is (be that a lake or ocean – water is typically never going to leave from its enclosure).

The mountain – while just as strong as the water in some ways – is sturdy and stubborn. “Stuck in its ways,” would be how I personally see the mountain. A positive spin on that would be that its resolute, but that can have its downsides more often than not. I really do believe in the virtue of being able to pivot in Life, and I just think a mountain lacks that trait that I adore.

When it comes to the sky, although its beautiful and majestic. It never changes and oversees all. It also feels disconnected to me. As a person, I’m grounded and looking up at the sky just always feels out of my reach. Even if I could be “among the stars” so to speak, I don’t think I’d ever choose that route because then others would be distant from me (and I from them)… And I just don’t want that – no matter how majestic and all-encompassing I may appear.

So, Why the Boat?

The boat is the most fragile thing out of the options I listed, and there’s a very human beauty in that to me. I like the fact that the boat could be put on top of the water in its most natural state, but if it came down to it – it could be transported up a mountain on land or in the air by a plane. I know that sounds untraditional for a boat, but it happens.

I like the fact that the boat can see a different body of water and see different mountains and what it’s like to be under the sky in different places. I don’t think anything else in this picture has that capability, and over time – even though they’re more permanent than the boat would ever be — they may come to envy that in the boat.

The boat is simple to me, but it is freer than anything else in this photo. The boat is the weakest to me, but it is also the most adaptable in that weakness. The boat can go with the flow or be taken under, but either way – it’ll gain experiences outside of itself and its current situation each time that it’s brave enough to partake of any new adventure that may face it.

Small, but mighty and adventurous. Brave in the face of odds it has no right to be. That is how I see the boat. It is a little spark of hope out in the vastness of everything else around it and it just kind of drifts.

I like that.

But enough about me! I’m very curious, which would you pick and why? Remember – there are no incorrect answers to this question. You may learn something new about yourself as you answer it.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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