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Starting February 1, 2021 for BHM: “My Black Perspective”

Black History Month is here, and I thought it would be fun to drop some daily thoughts pertaining to an aspect of my/the black experience in America. I grew up in the Midwest, spent childhood summers in the South, and currently live on the East Coast. I feel like I’ve experienced enough to comment on a few things.

Saying This Now…

I preface this entire months’ worth of writing in this series with the following statement:

What you are about to see in the coming month is my opinion. I do not speak on behalf of all of Black America. Please don’t consider what I share a peek behind THE curtain, but a peek behind A curtain.

I plan to focus on “the here and now” with some mentions of what history is informing my thoughts. And who knows? This may mess around and become an annual tradition and grow over time into different mediums with features from others. We shall see.

This will be the only thing that I write about all month.

The Perspective Post Schedule

To help people navigate when they may want to check something out here’s a handy schedule of topics I plan to talk about on each day:

The U.S. Flag in black and white.

How Everything Ties Together

I’ll start things out by talking about my honest experience of being Black in America. From there we’ll take a look at some common perceptions about Black people (both internal and external to us), and discuss the history that’s led to some of that and brought us to a few points of identity (because we aren’t a monolith). I want to look at some of the cultural contributions that Black people have made in this country (born from those previously discussed identities), and talk about key individuals in the realms of Art and Social Commentary. Then I plan to shine some light on our activist athletes on the day of the Super Bowl (felt fitting).

From there, it’s a dive into where I think a sense of belonging is rooted for many of us: our families, friends, religious groups, and political beliefs. And then discuss how even though all of that has gone on, some still struggle with openness and sensitivity but still want love (in some expected and unexpected ways).

Next is a post about The Obamas, a family that embodies all of the topics the following days will focus on. We then dive into the subject of Black Excellence, and considering it in the context of the resources Black people do, or don’t, typically have. Checking out how our current collective stance financially (money & ownership) impacts the aspirations we pursue, and how that resultant potential weaves into the combined power of Black America (Black Power).

And then the last section will deal with honest looks in the mirror on challenges faced by the Black communities of America and certain mentalities we have to let go of and/or embrace. The necessary steps toward unity have to be addressed, along with figuring out what things people will take pride in going forward as they engage in different types of community building. All wrapping with comments regarding owning our narrative in this country, and where the nationwide momentum provided by Black Lives Matter could take things.

I think some people will like what I have to say, and some people definitely won’t. And I hope that either way, it’ll start some thoughts and conversations – be they here on the blog or elsewhere. Join me if you’re curious. Join me if you have something to say.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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