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My Black Perspective #5: Cultural Contributions

Have you ever looked at how many places Black People contribute to the cultural landscape of America? Whether it’s art, entertainment, science, business, tech, social commentary, politics, sports, literature, music, cuisine, social media, fashion, or anything else — Black People are already there and shining.

If you feel otherwise, please write me (my email contact is below in the author bio section) so that I can further investigate the specific field you’re talking about. And I guess I’m referring to mainstream fields (in the U.S.) – haha – nobody write to me about Indonesian Fly Fishing or anything obscure like that.

No Need to Beat a Dead Culture Horse

This is probably the easiest post I have to write in this February series because I don’t have a lot to say that people don’t already know by now. Black People have contributed to America in so many ways that it’s just pointless to try to write about all of that ad nauseam (and as my opening paragraph shows – many already have).

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So, instead of doing that – I’d like this post to act as a conceptual introduction to a few things I plan to write about this weekend (covering “Arts & Commentators” and “Activist Athletes”).

That said, please direct your attention to the two videos below (from the Black Excellist YouTube channel). They show off a few prime examples of how Blackness currently contributes to America’s cultural fabric at the highest levels. Those individuals named inspire millions of people daily (and are more than likely very well compensated for their efforts), plus they are leaders in their respective fields.

Enjoy the show!

Easy, right?

I look forward to seeing what else Black People add to the melting pot of America because we’re far from done cooking in this kitchen (sorry – couldn’t resist)!

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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