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Site News: New Paint Job & Slimming Down

Yo! Easing back into regular posts after a month of writing the My Black Perspective series all February (for Black History Month). I decided to make a few key changes to the site, and some things will be ongoing for the next few months. Just wanted to clue you, the reader, in on a few things.

New Paint Job

Some of you who have been here before may have noticed a change in the site background. It used to be this (Rest in Peace “Splatter Arrows” – you served me well)…

Seamless colorful background of Graffiti on dark background.

But I felt like it was time to put on a new look and drop this one in…

Vector illustration in style graffiti.

They both have their place, but the new one feels a little more in-line with my mood lately.

Slimming Down (Eventually)

I cleaned up the menu a little bit and added more of a showcase for the YouTube videos tied to the blog since so much time goes into those each weekend. I plan to focus the site a bit more over the coming months (which was always the plan). I always like to start wide and then slim things down as time goes on based on what I’m noticing I enjoy writing about, traffic, etc. So – more to come on that as time goes on. I just wanted to let people know about that one in case something you like disappears.

I am not deleting any content, but I am changing up categories and moving things around a bit. I almost went for the ultra-simple single-level navigation in the spirit of a few larger sites out there, but… I just don’t think this site is there yet (being 100% transparent). One day. But, for now, enjoy getting around in a little bit of chaos (I promise it’ll be more refined down the line).

Oh, and all of those posts that were written specifically for Black History Month can still be found in the “JW3’s Mind” section of the site navigation. I just took them out of the main homepage feed to allow diverse subject matter again. I loved the experience of writing the series and all that, but that’s not the main focus of this site.

Other than that, back to business as usual. I’ll strive to get 1-2 things out here a day and keep having fun with Life.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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