Kyiv, Ukraine; April 20, 2020: The guy plays on the notebook in Doom Eternal.
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Delicious Meme: When The Doom Music Kicks In

This post is for anyone who enjoys watching (often comedic) scripted violence to well-placed Metal music. I don’t know how old this meme is, but I just got into this world a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. Hop online and search for “When the Doom music kicks in”, sit back, and prepare to be entertained. Memes below.

Hahaha – very curious what people are going to think of these. I just find them entertaining as hell (my friends are probably tired of me sending them these).

But First, The Meme’s Context

Very useful website says…

When the Doom Music Kicks In refers to a series of memes set to “The Only Thing They Fear Is You” and other progressive metal songs by composer Mick Gordon from the soundtracks of the 2020 video game Doom Eternal and the 2016 video game Doom.

The memes combine scenes of intense, sometimes humorous, fights with the music, imagining that its energetic nature invokes a desire to inflict violence.

You can click that link above to get more info about this particular meme, but I’m just going to go ahead and toss you right in the deep end.

When The Doom Music Kicks In

That is 10 of these beautiful things for the initiated and uninitiated alike. If you want to see more, just hop on Google or YouTube and search for the title of this post. Some are hilarious, some are super memorable, some are ultra-violent — all are satisfying — thanks to the perfectly placed accompaniment of DOOM!!

Wow it’s come such a long way since the old days… (and I used to play on PC)

Brazil - August 19, 2019: Doom game cartridge. Red game cartridge for Super Nintendo videogame. Illustrative editorial.

If you have any favorites of this particular meme, please share them in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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