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Mink 2.0: The Teardrop Camper I Never Knew I Wanted

I have been making a list of things that I WILL get one day (and this site kind of helps me save some of the details). Sort of a running vision board, only it’s done via blogging. The latest edition is this teardrop camper called the Mink 2.0 by Mink Campers. Put simply: I L-O-V-E everything about this and will get one in the next few years.

The Mink 2.0 teardrop camper by Mink Campers.

WTH is a Mink 2.0 Camper?!

Here’s a quick intro to my future new toy…

Why do you want that?

Here’s the thing. I enjoy being out in nature (as quiet as that’s kept). Long rides. Walks past babbling brooks. Seeing small little critters. Smelling fresh air. Seeing lush green. Standing at high points and enjoying a view. Looking up at the stars at night in a place with next to no light polution.

It is all fun (the few times I’ve done it) and the potential to do it all the time is just super appealing to me.

But… There’s a catch.

I am NOT crazy about the idea of camping out at night. Like… I’m just not. And I’m not ashamed to say that. I love the daytime adventuring, not a big fan of being out in the wilderness at night.

While I’ve never wanted to go glamping and get an amazing cabin or some ultra-high-tech super RV (that kills the point for me to bring EVERY modern convenience into nature), I do like the idea of a bed, heat, feeling protected (from predators and the elements) in a solid structure, etc. The Mink 2.0 solves ALL of that for me in spades and does so in style and comfort.

Plus I’m a sucker for that damn panoramic roof for the nighttime/daytime viewing.

Simple. Functional. Gorgeous.

I love all of the features (the bed, the climate control, the organization, the open air kitchen, etc.) – and with the price sitting at about $20K USD, the Mink 2.0 feels attainable.

Now I just have to think through the technical side of getting one of these bad boys to me here in the U.S. (they’re based in Iceland), but that feels easy enough.

More Detail (If You’re Feeling Adventurous)…

Check out this video that covers the Mink 2.0 IN SUPER DETAIL, but it’s in German with no English subtitles.

I’ve watched this entire video 3 times.

Here is the key thing (and a sign of REALLY good simple design): I don’t speak Deutsch (I can understand a few things very loosely from a bit of prior independent study) but I understand a lot of the features of this camper after watching this wonderfully in-depth video. I feel informed, and if you watch this – you will too.

All that I’m saying is that if you’re in the market for a teardrop camper, this one might be up your alley, too.

That is all I’ve got, peeps.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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