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You Know What’s Gross? This. (Prego)

Last night a coworker reminded me of a video I had seen a little while ago involving a food prep hack for large groups of people. Prego trended on Twitter a couple of days ago because of the video I’m about to post below. This is yet another reason why you can’t eat at everybody’s house or eat what everybody brings to potlucks.

Prego Sauce Counter Spaghetti & Meatballs

Gringo Style (Countertop) Nachos


No. Just… No.

If I went over to somebody’s house and saw that this was how they got down with making food, that would be my last time visiting for meals (Haha – maybe that’s intentional)!

I understand that this, in theory, is very similar to when you go to a party and someone has made a giant bowl of special punch in a large quantity. I get it. But there’s just a mental hurdle for me to get over here that I’m not ready for yet.

I couldn’t even tell whether or not to take these videos seriously the first time I saw them (and they’re old — they’re just trending, but they’re old). And then I saw that people were posting videos of them online actually doing this.

But, why though?

We have reached a level of it being so difficult to clean a used dish, or purchase a disposable plate, that we’re not just slopping food on counter tops?!

C’mon, man! You’re still dirtying pots and pans in the process, and now that poor countertop! Or… Poor people? Some people put odd things on their countertops: Pets, Boots, Dirty underwear, naked booties (babies & adult sexy time).

And we’re JUST starting to see some normalcy beyond COVID! People are washing their hands now, but I guarantee you everyone doesn’t wash equally. Hell, this might singlehandedly lead to some new infections – LOL (I’m being dramatic for the sake of this post – but dammit, it’s not impossible)!

There are variables, people!

A little Black boy making a face like he's disgusted - meant to symbolize my reaction to the nasty Prego countertop table food trend.

In other videos, people at least have the decency to lay a layer of foil down on the countertop/table first. Ok — that makes sense to me.

But, fam!? Just raw-dogging the table?!


I’m good.

“Oh, it’s dinnertime? [observes bounty of table slop] I’m ok. I ate before I came over.” (stomach growling and all)

Do you, but do it away from my meal.

I didn’t have anything else to say about this besides I think it’s a nasty trend – LOL!

Hope everyone is having a good day and avoiding food poisoning.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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