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When Life Calls on You to Do Better…

Have you ever had the feeling that Life was pushing you toward something? I know it’s earlyfor this kind of thinking, but it’s a feeling that’s been hounding me lately. Change is in the air, and it’s not just the weather and incoming brood of 17-year cicadas on the East Coast. Life is speaking, and this is how I listen & act accordingly.

People are Coming and Going

One of the first things I’m noticing is the sort of self-selection of who is moving in and out of my life. These changes happen all the time, sure – people come and go like seasons. But maybe I’m just hyper-sensitive to it at the moment because of the limited human interactions I’ve had for the last year or so (when compared to other years).

When people say, “Hey, I’ll follow-up with you in ‘x’ days,” and then don’t – I don’t sweat it. If old connections reach out randomly, I happily accept. If people want to pull away and get space — fine (I think we’re all very accustomed to space at this point). And if old mentors and mentees are popping up, I pick up old conversations where they left off.

A drawing of different people moving or being still on different parts of multiple blue pathways - meant to symbolize coming and going energies of others in Life.

I am going to butcher this, but I saw a quote the other day online saying something in the realm of, “If people leave your circles during bad times, they were only meant to be there for the ‘bad’ version of you.” And while I haven’t been having any bad times lately, that got me thinking about timing (again, I’m just feeling things flow and I’m riffing with it as it comes).

A special comment I want to make here is this: If someone you cared for (in any capacity — as a friend or as something more) leaves your circle – be ok with that. And don’t harbor bad feelings about it. Be happy that whatever good times you shared happened in the first place. You could even reserve a small amount of hope that maybe, like seasons, they’ll revolve back around into your orbit someday if you want to carry that relationship forward in the future. Let the days surprise you.

Life will present the energies (in the form of people) that you need in your existence at the moment – good or bad. Those vibes are setting you up with the perspective and fortitude you’ll need to address future challenges and moments to level up (that song’s lyrics make no sense at some points, but I appreciate the sentiment), so enjoy all of it. Everything you go through in your interactions with others makes you the person you are ultimately meant to become, so don’t take any of that for granted.

Opportunities are Presenting Themselves

I also notice that life is kind of my buffet right now (yes, even in the COVID era – Life will still treat you to buffets). I feel like a week doesn’t go by before I’m presented with some new chance to do something I’ve always wanted to in one way or another. And the funny thing is I’m NOT looking for these things, Life is just kind of like, “Here you go, taste this.”

I see these options playing out professionally. I see new chances to explore my hobbies randomly coming to the forefront. There are things that I always wanted to learn that are suddenly being presented in nice little packages. And I’m even getting to explore little experiences with friends that I never even knew I wanted.

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Like I said, Life is just serving up samples like I’m walking through a nice Vegas buffet line.

The cool thing about it is that if I don’t like “the taste” – I seem to be able to put it down right now with next to no consequences.

All of that said, I think this is being brought on by my daily mantra actually bringing certain things into reality. There is a part of it that says, “Some opportunities only come once, seize them.” I haven’t read The Secret, but I’ve watched the documentary. I don’t know what else to call this BUT the Law of Attraction. Yes, random things happen — I get that — but that’s not what THIS is. I genuinely feel like this is Life just saying, “I know this will bring you joy – so try it, and if it doesn’t – put it down.” Try the things Life puts in your path, because, “You never know.”

(Haha – insert Yes Man trailer.)

Collaborations are Popping Up

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating.”

Yeah – that’s another line from the mantra I say each day.

There was an interesting question asked at a gathering I was at last night: “Do you think people have a responsibility to share their talents with the world?” I answered no to that one because I feel like “responsibility” is too strong a word. I don’t think ANYONE owes the world their talent, and I tie responsibilities to obligations. BUT — I do like to share, and I love starting things and helping other people start things and build up processes from the ground up. I think people should share if they want to, and like I said – I love sharing!

I think that the universe is with me on this one because I’ve been collaborating with more coworkers than ever even though we’re all working in disjointed locations right now. I am getting new emails, Facebook DMs, text messages, and LinkedIn messages from all types of contacts (new and old) on a near-daily basis right now to help people out with their work assignments, passion projects, and career/life moves – and I feel like this is just the start! I love the fresh energy of it all.

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Life will give you the chance to step outside of your bubble into someone else’s every now and then. DO IT. It may surprise you to see just how satisfying the efforts you put into things with others can be. Collaborate with the purest interests of helping someone else grow and/or creating something beautiful together. I know each of us only has so many hours in a day, but trust me — make time for this on a personal level. You have NO IDEA where these side quests might land you in life.

Paths are Being Cleared

I’m not trying to take anyone to church, but I promise Life is like this clip of Moses parting the Red Sea right now.

Fate & fortune are stiff-arming obstructions and clearing a path for me straight toward something more. Things that were very legitimate notable blockers for me are somehow just being conveniently removed. And I’d wager this is happening for more people than may realize it at the moment when they really take the time to think about it, especially the people who are working from home right now.

I don’t know what to say about this one other than you will KNOW when Life is making a path for you. You will literally feel weights lifting off of you that may have once slowed your ascent toward some calling you felt. When that happens, do what I’m doing: pounce. Please don’t just sit there and look at the opening in awe because the opportunity space is temporary.

What the scene above doesn’t show at the end of the clip is what happens after the people the path was made for successfully get through it. Eventually, the assailing Egyptian army tries to give chase into the Red Sea and the walls of water come crashing down around them with fatal results. Again, don’t focus on the religious aspect of the source material I’m pulling from, but think about that symbolism. If that space that presents itself is for you – take it. Confidently wade into the unknown while you can because if you miss your window, the path may not be for you anymore and the walls might come crashing down.

Excuses are Being Removed

The last thing I will touch on that signals to me Life wants me to move along is that I have no one, and NOTHING else to blame for anything. The current situations I’m in are definitely independently-driven. They appeal to me specifically in ways that I have very much so asked for in the past.

It’s like Life is daring me to do something about what I’m being set up for. And I know this because each time I’ve tried to raise an “I would, but” in response – Life hits me with a “But wait, there’s more” and kills any reason for reluctance that I may have. Slowly, but surely, I am being moved away from any reasons I may have had to NOT do something toward just doing it.

An illustration of a businessman sitting on a snail riding it up an arrow toward a target - meant to symbolize slow but sure progress in Life.

Life will push you to be brave at times, rise to that occasion. If you are uncomfortable in a given circumstance, Life will teach you how to be comfortable with it first (even if it takes a while) – and then present you with what you THOUGHT you wanted. That is just how things work most times, and you either love it or you don’t.

So… What will you do? Will you actually step into whatever new and unknown sea your ship of Life is sailing into – bravely becoming the captain of your fate, or will you keep making excuses and stay in the calm safety of the waters you know?


I don’t have much to say beyond what I’ve already said up above. Pay attention to the signals Life is throwing your way, and prepare while you wait. Don’t feel pressured to move when you aren’t ready, but trust the currents that are flowing through the world around you in your bubble. You are stronger than you think.

Oh, and sometimes – Life might just tell you, “Hey, you’re good right where you are for now.” And that’s ok.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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