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For Your Consideration: 5 Fitness Items I Want

One atypical trait that I’ve always had is that I don’t mind waiting for things. I am patient and more than tolerable of delayed gratification. So, I see things I kind of want – and I save them in lists over time. I noticed my fitness equipment list was growing a bit, so I thought I’d share that with people in its current state.

Oh, and these things are presented in no particular order. I may or may not purchase these items. For now, the only qualification is that they looked cool enough to me conceptually to be saved in either my ‘Fitness’ list on Facebook, or my ‘Buy Later?’ list on Instagram.

PS: Legally – I’d have to disclose if I were being paid by any of these companies for calling them out. I am NOT. I just want to tell you all about the cool things that I see. That is all.

Mutt Bar

Up first, there’s the Mutt Bar. The reason I like this one is pretty simple, it is a solid item that takes on the work of many different kinds of fitness bars – so you can do a bunch of different exercises with it.

The Pro: I like the idea of having one or two of these and just knocking some key routines out without needing to change weight.

The Con: Your strength grows & you WILL eventually need heavier weight beyond whatever you initially buy. Hell – you may also just want to lighten the load for a day. The problem is you can’t adjust your weight level with the Mutt Bar. That simplicity comes with a price.

MaxFit/MAXPRO Portable Gym

The design of the MaxFit/MAXPRO Portable Gym is GENIUS, and I’ll very likely end up buying one of these soon. I am not traveling right now, so the need for it isn’t as strong on my end at the moment — but when I was traveling more often, I’d often use the gym at whatever hotel I stayed at. Sometimes I’d come in and equipment would be taken up, so this is a nice solution for that. I also just love the idea of this being in my home and not taking up a lot of space.

The Pro: You are getting A LOT of versatility in a small package for a reasonable price considering what it is accomplishing vs. other fitness equipment.

The Con: I have concerns about the cables because they’re so thin. I haven’t seen any complaints online, though – so my worries are likely unfounded. It looks very breakable, but I have faith the product has been run through its paces in production.

Gorilla Bow

You might notice a pattern in fitness equipment that catches my eye: I like simplicity and portability. I think the Gorilla Bow has that in spades.

The Pro: High resistance for a number of workouts in the size of something that can slide under a bed or neatly fit in a closet.

The Con: Do the bands deform or wear out over time?

Zeno Gym‘s Zeno Workout Bench

I have already written an entire post that features the Zeno Workout Bench (linked below in the ‘Pro’ section), so I won’t belabor the point by talking about it more in detail here. I will just say that I like working out on benches, and this one covers that need for me, and then some.

The Pro: “I love the fact that Zeno Gym’s bench looks compact and could probably be masked as a piece of functional furniture when it’s not in use.” (from my prior post) I have confidence this can replace a lot of the equipment I currently have in a much smaller footprint – great for the small apartment set-up I tend to seek out.

The Con: As with all band-based things, I worry about the durability of the bands (which are key to this thing functioning at all) over time. I also have a little bit of concern about how well the attaching rivets hold up over time to prolonged use, but I’ll find out soon enough because I will be getting this one.

Chirp Wheel

I end with the Chirp Wheel because I think people forget to take care of the bodies they’re building with things like Yoga and stretching. And I agree with many chiropractor reviews online in that you probably don’t want to replace your more traditional foam-roller with one of these, but you would likely want BOTH the wheel AND a foam-roller.

The advertising for this one is a little different because it’s not really a workout item – just more of a workout supplement (for stretching). Oh, and some of you may recognize this from Shark Tank.

The Pro: This thing hits very specific places on your back very well. That isn’t based on my own use, but I have friends who have bought these and they speak very highly of them.

The Con: Anything like this can easily be misused and people can end up doing a bit more harm to their body than good. PLEASE, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTENDED USE!!

That is it, folks. Those are the items I am considering building out my new home workout space with. I am the most “maybe” on the Mutt Bar because of the elephant in the room-sized con of that one, but it’s still a cool little piece of equipment that might make the cut for me all the same. Until next time…

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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