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All Def Digital Has Mastered Dad Joke Delivery

All Def Digital has delivered tons of laughs over the years. I originally came across them on YouTube, but lately, I’ve been consuming a lot of their content on Facebook (you can find them all over the socials, those are just the two I primarily see). But, let me tell you about these Dad Jokes with who they call the “ATL Young Guns” 😂

These guys are fairly new faces in the All Def roster. This is the crew I’m used to seeing…

All Def Digital Facebook Banner Head showing all of their usual roster of comedians.

Whether these younger funny people are regular crew or not, I love these videos, and I just wanted to share. Trust me, you want to watch these – they’re perfectly cheesy enough to be hilarious and spread some good vibes into your day.

Giving Credit Where it’s Due

Before I start in on all of the videos, I want to properly credit the young group who’s providing the laughs. All Def constantly refers to them as “the ATL Young Guns”, but I couldn’t find anything of that online as a comedy group – so here are their individual TikTok handles:

I think that’s all of them, and if not – apologies. The 5 young men I have listed above account for a combined TikTok audience of about 6.3 million followers! They are out here doing their thing, and I salute the work.

Now to the videos.

Who Doesn’t Like a Good Dad Joke?!

There are waaaaay more of these videos out there, I’m literally just sharing the ones I’ve seen posted on Facebook. I don’t know how old the originals are (most of which are from TikTok).

And They’ve Inspired Fans to Imitate…

The beauty of Dad Jokes is that they’re accessible to people of all ages and social classes. Not too raunchy, never too clever, simple yet effective, and always kind of groan-inducing.

My comedic timing sucks, but the chops on display in these videos is chuckle-worthy at the least. Hope you enjoyed, and if you have any good Dad Jokes of your own, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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