The Anthénea houseboat floating in open water.
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Try The Anthénea Luxury Houseboat vs. High Property Prices

This one is a quick hit because an article titled “These Eco-Friendly Floating Condos Will Let You Live in Luxury Wherever There’s Water” caught my eye. With property prices steadily floating upward (no pun intended), a life of luxury on the sea in an Anthénea – limited only by their imaginations – might be appealing to some.

What is The Anthénea?

Think of a super stable circular houseboat that has been primed with luxury items. The company responsible for this floating wonder has a YouTube channel that goes over everything in detail, but I actually prefer this brief overview with a slightly robotic voiceover.

I know I’ve said I wanted a yacht before on this site, but I could see one of these being a little more… dare I say? Practical.

According to a translation from the Italian website

Addressing the countless environmental challenges of our time, including sea-level rise, the effects of climate change, the excessive density of the coast, and congested tourist destinations, the spherical shape of the Anthénea pod is based on the principle of ‘surface tension’ observed in nature, which, according to its designers, is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions on the water.

Multiple sources point out that this was originally designed and intended as a cool hotel solution for the hospitality industry, but now anyone can get one if you have $480,000 laying around.

I know, my Midwestern blood looks at that price tag and considers it expensive — but then I think with my current East Coast-based perspective, and I realize that’s not that much & cheaper than a lot of prices people are paying for real estate now.

Different Internal Layouts to Suit Your Tastes

The company website for the Anthénea does its part to stress the sustainability of its creation. The build materials are recyclable, it is solar-powered so you can live off the grid, and the luxury houseboat uses a sea/freshwater system to provide water to your living space. The floor also acts as a natural cooling system of sorts due to its glass exposure to the seawater it would float in.

But what about the inside? Every video I’ve watched on this thing just kind of shows one interior, but I have seen some videos reference different models (without necessarily showing them).

Well, I think I found visuals of the internal layout plans that would be offered to purchasers.

I am torn as to which one I would pick, tbh.

I wasn’t even aware that this Anthénea existed when I woke up this morning, but I kinda’ love it. Like I said earlier in the post, this just feels a little more practical to me than the yacht option & A LOT more attainable.

Would you live in one of these? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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