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Down the 2:30 AM Keanu Reeves Rabbit Hole

Why is Keanu Reeves so cool? I have no idea why either, but for some reason, I’m up watching YouTube videos about the guy like I don’t have to be at work tomorrow. He is an embodiment of human relatability who has gone from not being taken seriously to an A-Lister with cult-status level role model appeal.

I am not here to tell you why Keanu Reeves is so great (there’s a Quora for that), why some people think he’s too good for this world, nor why so many people like him. That has all been done by others with far more knowledge about his legend.

Instead, I just want to share what the hell I’m looking at about this guy at 2:30 AM in the morning.

He Has Become an Internet Meme Legend

Sad Keanu (Meme Photo)

First, even beyond his storied career of over 30-years, there’s this photo. Just a guy sitting on a park bench looking like he’s sad with the weight of the world on his mind (or he could’ve just been trying to figure out the ingredients of the sandwich he’s eating).

This meme-able photo became so popular that it’s still a part of the zeitgeist and you can get your very own Sad Keanu.

Keanu Reeves Effortlessly Breaks the Internet

Dude is just living his life. That is all.

But, we all love him for it. The internet eats up the most random moments this guy generates.

I think there’s also the fact that he just does a lot of cool stuff that people aspire to at the end of the day. He’s successful, but also known for tons of kindhearted acts that just seem like they are genuinely him. He is fully aware that he’s a geek culture hero in a time that geeks are on the rise and in vogue culturally, and he’s just staying level-headed about it all. This isn’t the guy who said, “If I hade a bunch of money, I’d do nice things,” and then didn’t do it — Keanu actually does them.

Others Read Comics or Watch Comic Movies… Keanu Makes All of That & Can Literally Kill Most People

Long section title, but it also makes total sense once I explain this.

I remember seeing some meme stating that Henry Cavill was the King Geek or something like that. Na. No way. Not as long as you have someone like Keanu out here with his long track record being the nicest guy on the planet, contributing to the culture, and making HIS OWN comic character (BRZRKR) with sales that are breaking records.

The story’s pretty legit so far, too.

But aside from the fantasy stuff, he’s a LITERAL Badass! On top of actually learning some martial arts for a few of his movie roles (and just to cover his interests), he’s more than learned how to handle weapons while working on the popular John Wick franchise.

And this ^^ is why most normal people probably should f**k with celebrities.

Anyway, yeah… “Henry Cavill King of the Nerds” my ass.

Keanu is Still a Man of the People

He is nice. Carries himself like an excited fan with the cool demeanor of an experienced professional. Does a bunch of Indie stuff to this day, and doesn’t mind lending his face to random fan-films.

That isn’t him. This is a Deepfake, but it’s got nearly 16-million views at this point. I am positive he’s seen this, laughed at it, and still hasn’t had his people take it down from the internet.

I leave you with this bit of awkwardness…

Keanu Reeves has worn many hats, and he has worn them awkwardly well. He owns them in a way that many people don’t, and can totally shift between characters in a subtle way that many (admittedly more technically-skilled) actors can’t. This dude is a geek culture cult hero (somehow) who has done movies at all levels and I’m very happy I’ve been riding with him since I was a kid in the early-90s watching him go on Excellent Adventures.

I hope I can be half as amazing as Keanu Reeves in my life when all is said and done in my life.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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