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Random: Why Don’t Young Men Get Mandatory Vasectomies? I Have a Theory.

Yeah – VERY random topic for this one, but it’s actually based on a discussion I had with my mom yesterday. We were talking about a family situation, and it made me question why some guys make kids if they won’t be there to support them. And then that led to me bringing up the vasectomy question.

This Isn’t MY Idea

I don’t even want to partially come off like I’m having an original thought here w/ this one. This is an often asked question when people start talking about reproductive rights and laws pertaining to female bodies (contraception, abortions, etc.)…

A screenshot of a tweet questioning why not give men mandatory vasectomies.

Note the date on that tweet above. Again, this isn’t my idea.

But, damn does it hold merit when you think about the logic behind it.

Prior to the tweet you see above, there was actually a highly viewed fully thought-out explanation on this subject. I’ll post a bit of it below this, but you can view the full thread (which is longer) here.

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An image of a Twitter thread where a woman explains why men should get mandatory vasectomies.

I basically responded to my mom with this verbatim during our discussion because she wasn’t really for the idea of men getting mandatory vasectomies before I shared the above with her.

It is a pretty sound argument that I think would be difficult to make a valid argument against beyond reaching for the logistics of executing mass vasectomies. And if that is your rebuttal, I just kind of feel like if babies can be circumcised all over, why couldn’t we coordinate that when a male hits puberty – he comes in to be snipped? It just feels like it’s FEASIBLE is all I’m saying.

But let’s get into my theory on why this one isn’t implemented.

Don’t Blame “The Patriarchy” (Entirely)

I know plenty of guys who have had vasectomies (in case you’re wondering, I haven’t), and every single time I talk to them about it, I think about the classic hilarious “venom” reaction Quagmire had to Peter’s vasectomy on Family Guy a long time ago…

It’s a funny response to a serious issue, but yeah – I wouldn’t be shocked if some guys feel that way deep down.

Anyway, normally people jump to blaming the system of men making laws for why there’s never any serious traction on the idea of mandatory vasectomies. I am not saying that that’s not partially true, I think it is — but I’d wager it’s only about 40% of the reasoning (if not less).

I think there’s something even more “practical” pushing any legislative position against it that many don’t think about it, and I only hold this view because of recent news headlines.

Basically, I think it comes down to our public safety nets needing bodies to keep them going. If you haven’t seen the news recently, just get on Google and search for “birth rates down” and check the news section of the results. You will quickly see that the conversations shift from how family compositions are changing and women’s rights, to talks about how this will impact the lives of seniors in the future in different countries.

I really do think THAT is what a lot of this is coming down to behind closed doors and in the minds of lawmakers (even some women).

It’s a Numbers Game

This isn’t me defending the opposition to mandatory vasectomies — as I said, I’m for the idea. But, as a numbers guy, I also understand the (dare I say) logic behind wanting to keep our population counts either steady or going up. Someone has to pay into Social Security, etc. Whether that be “for votes from the senior population” or “for the welfare of our seniors”. Someone has to be young and working to pay into those systems.

Want free healthcare across the country? Cool – I do too, but someone has to be around to pay for that.

Want free college education everywhere? Great! I do too, but – again – someone has to be around to pay for that.

Shifts in views on life goals and family planning have already contributed heavily to a decline in birth rates, and there are economic and social factors, too:

  • As women have gained more freedoms over time, of course they’ve put off childbirth to focus on their careers!
  • As the general population has grown more educated, of course they’ve held off on starting a family because of the time and focus it takes to learn in school and pursue lucrative jobs.
  • As the money that people owe for their educations have skyrocketed, people put off starting families because they literally can’t afford to pay their loans AND pay for a little one.
  • Contraception usage (for men and women) has grown in the face of not wanting a pregnancy and rises in STDs (or do you say STIs).
  • Abortions are a thing and the stigmas around them aren’t as high as the politics of the subject would have you believe.

Add “mandatory vasectomies” on top of all of that and the number of new births would plummet.

The financial implications of that for government systems around the world would be terrifying to anyone managing a country’s spending.

So… Yeah…

Again, I know my personal position on the issue. But I also look at that one extremely blatant practical point for why “the powers that be” may not want to implement mandatory vasectomies on men.

I don’t like pretending I have answers all of the time. I am just a blogger chock full of opinions.

This is a meaty subject that has implications all around, but I think people need to be willing to have these discussions and not make the issue taboo – otherwise, nothing will ever happen.

In the meantime, wrap it up, gents. Get voluntary vasectomies. Talk to your partner about birth control. Examine your options out there. I understand people being upset about the lack of legislation on certain things, but personal responsibility has to come into play here, too.

I think I’m going to try to go back to sleep now (it’s officially 5:30 AM and I’ve been up since 3 AM).

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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