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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously

This post was written with help from friends on Facebook (FB) and inspired by a picture I saw on LinkedIn yesterday. A Black female lawyer posted a picture captioned, “My Law Firm,” or something like that, and the picture was her all-Black staff sitting at a table staring. I get the big deal (they’re all Black & Female-led), but why so serious?

That led me to contemplate what other professions do I see out there where it just seems like they often take themselves WAAAAAAY too seriously, and to want to post about it.

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The following list is presented in no particular order – I get to play devil’s advocate at times – and it features text I didn’t 100% write. I will call out and credit people with first names (that are slightly changed to prevent internet shenanigans) only when used.


Cool. Jumping into it.

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